Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's the same?

Veteran Tiny Empires players are busily cataloging what is the same and what is different about the new Tiny Empires 3000 game. Here are some things that are the same, or almost the same:

  • There is a trader. He is in a black diamond-shaped ship. The prizes are basically the same. No word yet on if he's handsome.

  • Ship cost, like land cost, is based on personal number of ships squared. This number looks to be a key in TE3K as well.

  • Sabotage is offered, though of course the wording is different:

  • Online/Offline status of one's superior is indicated by a red light immediately next to their name.

  • The clock is now a blue metallic pinwheel at the top center of the hud, it lights up as the month passes:

  • There are credit windfalls, both good and bad. This is a good one:

  • Colonies are new, but fulfill much the same function as subjects, Federation Hud, in the traditional game. Complete with disasters!

  • Nobility taxes have their own new guise. Honesty in advertising?

(list subject to extensive additions and revisions, any suggestions, IM Vulpine Eldrich in world)

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