Saturday, May 30, 2009

Special Titles in Tiny Empires 3000?

Earlier this week, Kronik Lockjaw decided to sabotage an Ultrabot, Guild Leader Aristotle Landry and admits to it in Tiny Empires 3000 chat. As a reward, or punishment, depending on how you look at it, Chancellor Ultralite Soleil gives Kronik a Special Title, "Saboteur Elite." Was meant as a humourous act and Ultralite did offer to remove it from Kronik. Kronik decided to keep it and wasn't until a sabotage incident with another player that the rest of us saw his Special Title today.

Details of what Special Titles will include are not know at this time. All we know is that they can be done in Tiny Empires 3000. Our first Guild Leaders will probably discover what options they have once they reach that status.

Thank you to Kronik Lockjaw for providing story behind his "Special Title."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The 11th DIrector!

Congratulations to Buckaroo Mu!

Buckaroo Mu had to wait for ages for the final Comm Unit and the final stage. Then that long wait ended at 11:27 pm May 24th 2009 (July 3926) to become the 11th Director.

This will be the last Congratulations for new Directors. We had planned to stop at 10, but I felt I should announce this one and say we wont be doing anymore new Director announcements officially. Next we await the Guild Leaders to arise and we hope to acknowledge the first 10.

Congratulations to all future Directors!

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Risks, More Rewards!

BigJohn Troglodite alerted the media this morning when he found this new one. Finding ships is great! I'm just curious what the bottle of her favorite beverage was.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jack of all Jack Pots!

Found by Mogul Elite DigitalJack BlackHawk:

Can anyone say Class is IN?

Risk and reward with the shipwright always was an iffy proposition- expensive. You risked a ship and, if you were lucky, gained a new one. But with TEN ships being a possible prize (no matter how unlikely), it's likely that a lot of inexperienced or crooked shipwrights will be doing great business with traders eager to try them!

Let the fun begin....

Fond Farewell to Johnii

Last night, I asked who did I think would most likely be the first guild leader. My response was Johnii Nowhere, but mostly because of seniority. As the first Director, it was obvious that he had a head start on everyone else, and from talking with him personally, I knew he had an incredible amount of time and persistence put into the project- far beyond anything I would ever attempt.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Johnii has apparently looked at his life and decided Real Life needs more attention and Second Life less- including Tiny Empires 3000. So, he has publicly announced that he is leaving the Tiny Empires universe in favor of the more physical one.

His avatar is still in the game, with all of its holdings. It moved to Director Steve Fallingbridge. He publicly asked everyone to give his people good homes if they needed it, though my personal reaction was to say "why would they worry?" His immediate subordinates do lose the chance to earn bonus money from the most dedicated human player in the game, but other than that, there's no direct in-game loss. (The morale loss of losing a good superior and friend is definitely something to consider.)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I keep thinking of King Celty of Wessex in the old game, the first King ever, who quit early on to pursue other interests.

But, in the meantime, best wishes to Johnii as he finds his way in that big, strange world known as "Real Life". It was a fun ride, and he set the mark high for all of us.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Ranks Added!

Just before noon today Chancellor Ultralite Soleil posted a notice in Tiny Empires 3000 chat that new ranks had been added.
Greetings all,

After receiving well-reasoned feedback from many of you, I have added several new ranks into TE3K, starting above Trade Baron, and filling the large spaces between the existing ranks. Each new rank, once reached, offers a better commission rate, and a better price for buying ships.

And of course, the existence of more ranks allows for more flexibility in having subjects of various rank.

I welcome feedback regarding the new ranks, and also any bug reports.

Chancellor Soleil
Check the Tiny Empires Wiki for new Rank information at Information is presently being gathered and updated there.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nine & Ten: Two More Directors are Born!

Congratulations to Swankhaven Blitz & BigJohn Troglodite!

Swankhaven Blitz and BigJohn Troglodite, became Directors May 14th and 15th respectively. Swankhaven being BigJohn's superior, had issues getting the 20 non-conformities required and delayed the both of them a short time.

Here is a short recap of the 10 first Directors and when they achieved the rank:
  • Johnii Nowhere - April 22
  • Anastasia Mathilde - April 29
  • Tristan Stovall - April 30
  • BigBadaBoom Bing - May 2
  • Zippo Waco - May 3
  • Steve Fallingbridge - May 4
  • Addison Arashi - May 12
  • Flonne Ninetails - May 12
  • Swankhaven Blitz - May 14
  • BigJohn Troglodite - May 15

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seven and Eight!

Congratulations to Addison Arashi & Flonne Ninetails!
On Tuesday May 12, 2009 Addison Arashi & Flonne Ninetails became the seventh and eighth Directors. First Addison, then about two hours later, shortly after the arrival of the Black Diamond vessel, Flonne's promotion was announced on all Tiny Empire 3000 HUD's.

Monday, May 4, 2009

And Then There Was Six!

Congratulations to Steve Fallingbridge!
Steve Fallingbridge became the 6th Director today after a long arduous wait to get Purified Soleinium from the Mysterious Black Diamond Vessel. Just a couple of months after its arrival Steve's Directorship was announced on all HUDs.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The 5th Director Rises

Congratulations to Zippo Waco

Zippo Waco made it to Director on the afternoon of May 3, 2009.

Does look like the floodgates have opened.
Although, the stream of people getting Captain seems to have ebbed somewhat lately.
Still a lot to be discovered. We wait in anticipation!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Board of Directors

Probably the biggest remaining unknown in the universe of Tiny Empires 3000 is the set of requirements for creating a guild. A Director needs a number of things, and that has been published. But a guild is still unknown territory.

One thought that has occurred is this: what if one requirement is to have a Board of Directors? After all, every corporation has a Board of Directors, so a potential Guild Leader could well receive the message "Before you can form an official guild of your own, you must have a Board containing X Directors".

In game terms: have this many of your direct subjects be Directors. It would be a very effective way of requiring a guild to have a minimum fleet size. Say you need five Directors, each Director needs at least 25,000 ships to have that title, so the minimum size of a guild immediately becomes 125,000 ships- more, in reality, since it would be unlikely that five Directors would have just barely the minimum amount required.

Add that to the possibility that much "guild business" requires a "quorum of X Directors", and you could have the perfect way to "de-activate" smaller guilds. It would also give a Guild Leader a motive to keep his or her Directors in the guild- if one of the Directors leaves to form their own guild, it could put the old guild out of business if they had only the minimum number of Directors required to do business.

At this point, pure speculation, and very likely off the mark... but it just fits together too neatly to be dismissed quite so easily.

Director Number Four

Congratulations to BigBadaBoom Bing!

"With a great sense of pride, you launch your flagship into orbit. You can't resist testing the engines, which produces a fiery display in the sky for the planet's inhabitants. Your power in the guild rises accordingly."
Three Directors in four days... now, the only question is, how many more before the weekend is out!