Friday, January 14, 2011

Styx Imperium II Launches into the Fray!

Ascending from Styx Imperium at about 3pm January 14, 2011, Guild Leader Toohey Paneer takes control of "Styx Imperium II." Styx Imperium II becomes the 26th guild to enter the TE3K Universe. Toohey had the following quote for us:
Styx Imperium II was formed based upon a set of values put in place by Bratt Lunasea. He has formally handed over the reins of his Guild to myself and I intend honour the values instilled by Bratt in Styx. I wish to thank Bratt for all his help, guidance and support over the last 6 months in building up to this moment. Styx Imperium intends to be Guild of the people. Where people come first, a healthy happy Guild.

Also within this new Guilding, an alliance has been formed between The Rebellion and Styx Imperium II. This great new relationship will flurish and be an asset for both Guilds.

GL Toohey Paneer, Styx Imperium II
Although Bratt retired from TE3K, he still remains in power and is giving his total focus of his kingdom in TE Classic. As many of you may not know, there is nothing similar to abdication currently available in TE3K. So once a Guild Leader, always a Guild Leader.

Congratulations to Toohey Paneer and Styx Imperium II!