Monday, November 26, 2012

Current Guild Rankings

Guild Rankings and Leaders as of November 26th, 2012

Been a few shifts from the last rankings report, Supernova has fallen to the minors and appears some of the people from there left and have joined a couple of other guilds.

*On the standing page main map it shows Hera as ranked 22, but shows it also ranked lower on the minors page.  Hera is kept on the main map for historical reasons, being first guild, so it's ranked incorrectly to keep it on the main map. Its proper rank is shown here.
  1. Cosmic Paradise - BigBadaBoom Bing
  2. Federation Alliance - Anastasia Mathilde
  3. The Neutral Zone - Kaelyn Mahoney
  4. Alliance of Serenity - Flonne Ninetails
  5. Shadow Guild - Steve Fallingbridge
  6. Mu Trade Federation - Buckaroo Mu
  7. The Twilight Zone - Madmaz2 Holmer
  8. Alliance of Pegasus - Aderyn Quinnell
  9. Andromeda Alliance - Robyn Hirano
  10. Guild of Swank - Scottie Muircastle
  11. Mystic Constellation - Pikalli Pfeffer
  12. Space Odyssey - Rosaria Constantine
  13. Dendarii Guild - Kelly Barron
  14. Renegade - Lelana Ansaldo
  15. 7th Gate of Galactic Hell - Blaize Korobase
  16. Alliance of Lyonesse - Snookums Voom
  17. Overlords' Alliance - Amadeuss Rosca
  18. Tunaverse Immortalis - Tuna Oddfellow
  19. Guardian Angels - Ranchan Weidman
  20. The Collective - Borg Capalini
  21. The Star Empire - Sabean Pagan
  22. Hades Revolution - Toohey Paneer
  23. Anarchy - BigJohn Troglodite
  24. Space Order Prophecy - Orpheus Carter
  25. Sirius - Alexandra Fallon
  26. Alliance of Hera - Aristotle Landry
  27. SpaceBall's The Guild - Kronik Lockjaw
  28. Supernova - Nicole Perian
  29. Helion Prime - Cornholio Lilliehook
  30. Enigma Guild - Severinus Wiefel
  31. The CHOsen Alliance - Zhu Juran
  32. Styx Imperium - Bratt Lunasea
  33. Haven - Swankhaven Blitz
  34. Koru Guild - Soph Shepherd
  35. Intimate Confessions - Lasch Avro
  36. The Rebellion - Zippo Waco

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Report From the Cryo Chamber

I awake from my cryo chamber and look around with blurry eyes... Seems that there has been little change in the universe for a millennium and wonder,  Space is so big, people are spread into the far depths, light years away from each other.  There must be a place we can meet, a neutral zone... Occasionally I see life on the official "Tiny Empires 3000" Group comm channel and the  official "TE3000 Directors Alliance" Group channel.  The only place where you might run into another player is the Tiny Empires Upgrade Station, but if you loiter around there, you could be accused of recruiting, which is not allowed there.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place for us to meet and hangout and not worry about being accused of recruiting. As of this writing I know of no such place.

There are several unofficial groups related to Tiny Empires 3000, some who are "free speech" and or "recruiting groups," but they tend to be small and very quiet.

So wouldn't it be nice if there was a Neutral Help Center, maybe like a Star Wars bar, where we can meet and offer help to new players and get to know each other better?  Maybe even pick up a subordinate...

Maybe I'm dreaming and I really didn't wake up from my cryo sleep...