Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Generosity Comes to Tiny Empires 3000!

After months of begging for some more social aspects in TE3K for players to get together, today, Ultralite Soleil added a new feature. You don't need a Black Diamond Vessel to do it either, all you do is stand beside your direct Subordinates and you will see the following.
So, being a wonderful Superior, you check YES, and the following will appear next round!Apparently the option to give comes every two hours.
Is available for all ranks.

TE3000 Compact Edition HUD Released Today

This from notice sent in Tiny Empires 3000 Chat:

TE3000 Compact Edition available
Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009 16:56:07 GMT

Greetings, space fanatics!

By popular demand, you can now get the Compact Edition of Tiny Empires 3000 at the TE shop

It takes up about 1/4 the normal screen space, and the size is totally configurable by you. Note: many of you will need to make it slightly bigger to avoid text spillover. Instructions are included, along with a graphical example of how to resize.

The price is L$350. Come and get it! Spread the word!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Compact TE3K HUD in Testing

Just a glimpse of what maybe taking up less of your screen in the future.
Compact Tiny Empires HUD on the left, current sized on on right.
Many visual options to tailor to your preferences.
Look for more details when released.