Saturday, January 30, 2010

Enigma Guild is Born

This quote from Severinus Wiefel:
We spinned off from the Shadows on Friday night, January 29, at 9:30 pm with the help of many good friends from the Shadows. We are now a Minor Guild, but that was expected by intention. My thanks go to those who helped and who made this possible throughout the last 10 months.
Enigma Guild is the 14th Guild to be formed in Tiny Empires 3000.

Congratulations Severinus Wiefel

Saturday, January 23, 2010

13th Guild: The CHOsen Alliance

Today at about 10 am SL time (Mar 3211 on HUD), Zhu Juran stepped forward and took the lead of The CHOsen Alliance. Zhu ascended from Overlords Alliance with a strong following.

I asked Zhu if there is anything she would like to tell the readers here:
"SL is not a game, but TE3K definitely is!
We stress positive group chat, no sabo, and loyalty!"
Ultralite Soleil sent Zhu his own special "CHOngratulations!!!" upon the news. If you are wondering about the unusual guild name, Cho is the name of the SL Sim where its home base is and apparently guild members there like being called "The CHOsen Ones."

Zhu also gave me a copy of their charter, which starts with the following:
Above all, I want our guild to be a place where everyone is comfortable. I am tolerant of most behaviour except for hate and discrimination of any sort. I would like CHOsen to be known as a guild that has fun, plays hard, but knows that TE3K is, after all, a game.
The rest of their charter outlines specific rules and guidelines of the guild. I'm sure Zhu would gladly share it with anyone interested in her alliance.

Congratulations Zhu Juran!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hera: Is the End Near?

The mother alliance in Tiny Empires has dropped to the Minor Guilds, many of the active players have moved to Guilds where they can enjoy the fruits of titles and free ships from their "real" guild leaders.

The Hera Guild Leader, Aristotle Landry, and one of his subordinates, Bethany Frankle are "Ultrabots," automated players created with Hera as a starting place for the game. Several other Ultrabots have existed before. but they had their lines moved as Hera shrank and were deleted to the two existing ones.

There are not many active lifeforms remaining in Hera, all the Directors have fled. Rumors of pending disaster in the Hera system exist. It's not a very attractive place for anyone to move to anymore. We can only hope that the rescue ships can save the ones remaining in Hera. Maybe it will take 10,000 Reserve ships to save them? No one knows what will happen. But if your in Hera, there are 12 other Guilds that I'm sure will be happy to find you good homes and pamper you.

Personally, I had hoped to ascend from Hera, but as it shrank so did my lines growth there. As several others before have, it was time to move to a more active guild.

Last one out, please turn off the lights.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haven Launches as 12th Guild

On January 13th, Swankhaven Blitz mustered his forces and launched the 12th Guild in Tiny Empires 3000. Ascending from The Mu Trade Federation, apparently rather quietly, as it took me a week to notice it on the map.

Congratulations Swankhaven!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rank Limits & Sabotage Reimbursement

Verbatim announcement from Ultralite Soleil:
Greetings all,

I would like to inform you of some changes in Tiny Empires 3000.

1. Rank Limits
Superior/subordinate rank limits for the entry-level ranks have been changed to be less restrictive. For example, a Pilot can now become the subordinate of a Mogul or below. Formerly, the highest superior a Pilot could have was a Merchant. Other limits on rank differences between superiors and subordinates have been similarly relaxed. The goal is to make it easier for higher-ranked players to take on new players. I welcome your feedback on this change.

2. Sabotage Reimbursement
Operations Assistants and Operations Managers have a new power. In guilds with fleet reserves in excess of 2,000 ships, OAs and OMs may now choose to reimburse members of their downlines for ships lost due to sabotage. The ships will be taken from the guild's reserve and given to the sabotage victim. Guilds with very large reserves will be able to reimburse sabotaged ships at a discount (full reimbursement of ships to the victim, but only taking half the normal ships from the reserve).

In order to be eligible to reimburse a sabotage victim, the OA or OM must be at the top of the victim's downline, and must be online. Direct subordinates of the guildleader as well as the guildleader him/herself cannot be reimbursed for sabotaged ships. All reimbursements will show up on the guildleader's "While you were away" history at login.

If you have any questions or feedback on the above changes, please do not hestitate to contact me. Enjoy.

Chancellor Ultralite Soleil

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ideas For Pumping Life Into TE3K

Compared to Tiny Empires "Classic." Tiny Empires 3000 does not seem to have the same attraction to new and old players. The theme is not as romantic, Prince versus Director for example. The hierarchy of Tiny Empires 3000 is more business than warrior or romantic.

Aside from a weaker theme, the initial price point for TE3K makes new players decide on the original version to play over TE3K. Surprising as it seems to some, playing more than one HUD really isn't the norm.

TE3K also doesn't have as much player interaction as the original Tiny Empires. Is nothing similar to a Festival event and the Black Diamond Mystery Vessel does not give "Generosity" as a item, which if you don't know, in Classic TE, forces players to meet each other in person.

So the ideas in point form:
  • match initial price point of both Tiny Empires.
  • strengthen the theme(s) of TE3K, making level titles more romantic or powerful sounding.
  • add more play or occasional events that makes players interact more one and one.
I'm not suggesting Tiny Empires 3000 be more of a clone. But it should have something more to make it attractive in comparison. I think the only mystery left is what happens when the 10 thousand Reserve Ship mark is reached. That process seems to be taking forever.

Please feel free to add your own comments or suggestions.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

11th Guild has Risen!

Sikaria! Long live Sikaria thay shouted as Stewart Mcdowwll took the Guild Leader reins of the 11th Guild to enter the Tiny Empires 3000 universe! Ascending from Anarchy, which sounds like a good thing, at 1 pm SLT, January 3, 2010.
This from their group charter:
We are a technologically far advanced civilization. By using a space folding technology it is possible to travel instantaneously over up to 40000 light years. We have our own version of a `Prime Directive', and thus don't interfere will less advanced guilds.

We don't need rules, but I must ask that we continue to be supportive of our parent guild Anarchy!
Stewart had these words to say after the ascension:
....this is YOUR guild. Just because I happen to be at the top, does NOT mean I am the boss. A guild is only as strong as the people that are in it. My job is to you all, and do my best to make it fun....NOT to be a boss or babysitter. If there is something you need, please let me know and I'll do my best. Communication is key... My job is to help you all.

You humble servant and GL,
Congratulations Stewart Mcdowwll!