Saturday, January 23, 2010

13th Guild: The CHOsen Alliance

Today at about 10 am SL time (Mar 3211 on HUD), Zhu Juran stepped forward and took the lead of The CHOsen Alliance. Zhu ascended from Overlords Alliance with a strong following.

I asked Zhu if there is anything she would like to tell the readers here:
"SL is not a game, but TE3K definitely is!
We stress positive group chat, no sabo, and loyalty!"
Ultralite Soleil sent Zhu his own special "CHOngratulations!!!" upon the news. If you are wondering about the unusual guild name, Cho is the name of the SL Sim where its home base is and apparently guild members there like being called "The CHOsen Ones."

Zhu also gave me a copy of their charter, which starts with the following:
Above all, I want our guild to be a place where everyone is comfortable. I am tolerant of most behaviour except for hate and discrimination of any sort. I would like CHOsen to be known as a guild that has fun, plays hard, but knows that TE3K is, after all, a game.
The rest of their charter outlines specific rules and guidelines of the guild. I'm sure Zhu would gladly share it with anyone interested in her alliance.

Congratulations Zhu Juran!

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