Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Tape & The Bureaucrat

The first visit from the Bureaucrat was seen today.  The Bureaucrat has  bonuses to trade for RED TAPE. The sequence of HUD events shown as follows:

As you can see, I only had one RED TAPE and appears you need at least two to get anything from the Bureaucrat.

Here is the list of the offers seen so far, ordered by their cost:
  • Fleet Tax Arrangement 202(r) - fleet tax 20% less forever - 2 red tape
  • Reserve Bond 908.5(m) - fleet donation matched twice - 2 red tape
  • Clarity Renumeration Forum 1 (c) - +50% on puzzle bonus forever - 3 red tape
  • Unity Match Contract - unity bonus 50 % forever - 3 red tape
  • Research Arrangement - Jump Ahead 3 research levels - 4 red tape
  • Dues Stipulation - annual guild dues 10% less - 4 red tape
  • Census Agreement 47 (s) - 10% more per sub - 5 red tape
  • Census Agreement 219 - 10% more/colonists - 5 red tape
  • Research Arrangement RA6 - Jump ahead 6 research levels - 6 red tape
  • Colonist Contract 710(a) - +10% colonist capacity - 7 red tape
  • Dues Compromise 20(v) - Annual Guild Dues 20% Less - 8 red tape (This was seen after previously purchasing the Dues Stipulation that gives 10% less, possibly it's not offered until after the 10% contract has been bought)
  • Unity Commitment C(f.100) - Unit bonus doubled forever - 10 red tape
  • Clarity Premium Form 2 (c) Puzzle bonus doubled Forever - 10 red tape
  • Fleet Tax Arrangement 404(r) - Fleet tax 40% less forever - 12 red tape
  • Dues Compromise 30(z) - Annual Guild Dues 30% less - 12 red tape
  • Ship Concessions s5 - Ships cost 5% less forever - 15 red tape
  • Census(s) Treaty 57(s) - 20% more per subordinate - 20 red tape
  • Census(c) Treaty 819(c) - 20% more per colonist - 20 red tape
  • Colonist Accord 20.r(b) - +20% colonist capacity - 25 red tape
  • Ship Concessions s10 - Ships cost 10% less - 30 red tape
  • Alien Negotiation Contract - MV price 25% less forever - 35 red tape
  • Colonist Accord 144.33(b) - +33% colonist capacity (200% cumulative) - 35 red tape

Sunday, January 22, 2012

There's RED TAPE Everywhere!

Very recently there has been reports of mysterious RED TAPE appearing all over the TE3K Universe!  When you  buy or sell a ship you get one, five from the Mysterious Black Diamond Vessel. It's looking like from almost any activity at this time!  What is it for?  No one knows yet...  Below is the one I got for buying a ship, and how it appears in your accounting tab.

Incoming Finds:
Nathalie Schnute: I just got 5 RED TAPES for doing the call of leadership, Step 2. That's the one with the hydro farm cultures. And I got the colonists increase as given in former times too. Cost for that step is 400000000. But 5 red tapes is amazing.

Have your own theory or know something we don't yet?  Got RED TAPES from some odd place? Please Leave a comment, or IM Alamiga Anatine in Second Life, if you think it warrants a new post!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Robyn Hirano Launches 33rd Guild!

January 19, 2012 Today Robyn Hirano  initiated the launch of Tiny Empires 3000's 33rd Guild, calling it the Andromeda Alliance.  She ascended from Hades Revolution. The news was announced as such:
Nov 3993] Guildleader Robyn Hirano formed the guild "Andromeda Alliance".
[Mar 3994] Rebel Queen Tia Antwerp left her old superior Guildleader Toohey Paneer of Hades Revolution and joined with Guildleader Robyn Hirano of Andromeda Alliance.
[Apr 3994] Robyn Hirano now leads one of the top ten guilds in the sector.
I asked Robyn for a quote upon her ascension, she said:
Is there truth in the myth?
Do phoenixes exist?
Resurrection of the Rebellion in Andromeda!
Congratulations Robyn and The Andromeda Alliance!