Thursday, January 19, 2012

Robyn Hirano Launches 33rd Guild!

January 19, 2012 Today Robyn Hirano  initiated the launch of Tiny Empires 3000's 33rd Guild, calling it the Andromeda Alliance.  She ascended from Hades Revolution. The news was announced as such:
Nov 3993] Guildleader Robyn Hirano formed the guild "Andromeda Alliance".
[Mar 3994] Rebel Queen Tia Antwerp left her old superior Guildleader Toohey Paneer of Hades Revolution and joined with Guildleader Robyn Hirano of Andromeda Alliance.
[Apr 3994] Robyn Hirano now leads one of the top ten guilds in the sector.
I asked Robyn for a quote upon her ascension, she said:
Is there truth in the myth?
Do phoenixes exist?
Resurrection of the Rebellion in Andromeda!
Congratulations Robyn and The Andromeda Alliance!

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