Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Once you get to Director there is not too much to do except watch your credits grow for what seems an eternity, Well I heard Amaya Heart-Aeghin (ranchan.weidman) had reached it. What follows is our little chat about it:

Alamiga Anatine: Hello Amaya, I was told you reached the credit cap in Tiny Empires 3000.  Could you tell me about it for the TE3K Blog?

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: I reached that. while  I was still in Serenity.  10.4 trillion.

Alamiga Anatine: Still at the cap?

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: No. not any more. Being a Guildleader has much more in the way of expenses. And the credit return rate isn't as good s in TE regular

Alamiga Anatine: Yes several Guild leaders have said its hard to keep it up there.

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: Hadn't thought about it.  Didn't know Ihad actually reached it till the time of ascension and had mentioned it to Ultra.  The biggest cut on the guild leader is the taxes..   Being that it takes take a huge chunk. if you stay up there at the cap.

Alamiga Anatine: Wonder if taxes is higher if you have the ship reserves built up to maximun..

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: I'll find out when we get to the guild reserve up to the 10k

Alamiga Anatine: Well thanks for the information!

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: anytime :)

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