Thursday, July 16, 2009

Preserving Reputations

I just received word of another new feature in Tiny Empires 3000. Unlike the classic game, this one forbids you to change superiors very quickly:

Now, ignoring the cat-calls from the peanut gallery about "what reputation?", the question is, just how long does one have to wait? The player in question here was a Trade Master with 349 ships total, 152 personal. Might one have to wait longer, depending on how many ships were in their fleet?

For the record, this was not from some drama-laden story, it was simply part of a line re-arrangement scheme. It would appear that any line "managers" in the new game will have another factor to calculate in who goes under who!

The Trade Master in question was able to switch the following morning, perhaps twelve hours or so later.

Jail in Tiny Empires 3000, Not so Bad?

[Feb 3949] Galactic Puppeteer Faith Garnet was imprisoned by Guildleader Kronik Lockjaw of SpaceBall's The Guild.

[14:36] Faith Garnet: so far, my HUD is acting normal, I'm lounging on the guild's dime in prison and watching movies ... not too bad!

[14:41] Alamiga Anatine: so your saying there is still offers on the HUD?

[14:41] Faith Garnet: yep .. .buying a ship now!
[14:43] Faith Garnet: and gaining credits, as always ...

So it's either a bug, or prison in TE3K is sorta like in real life.

Thank you to Faith Garnet for allowing us to use her quotes from the Tiny Empires 3000 Chat.

This just in:
[15:39] Ultralite Soleil: That was a bug, now fixed.

Guess it's back to bread and water.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anarchy Comes to Tiny Empires 3000!

Earlier today Anarchy was started by BigJohn Troglodite. It's the 7th Guild run by a real player.

Born from the Alliance of Hera, Anarchy hits the map at 6th place knocking the former #1 ranked, Hera to 8th position.

Congradulations BigJohn Troglodite!

Friday, July 10, 2009

6th Guild Formed!

Congratulations to Flonne Ninetails!
Today at abount 3:00 pm Flonne Ninetails took the reigns of the sixth Guild to enter the Tiny Empires 3000 Universe. The new Guild, called `Alliance of Serenity,` and spawning from Shadow Guild just a few hours after first player purge. The Alliance of Serenity hits the map ranked at seventh place.

I asked Flonne how she was how she was feeling minutes after her Guild launched: `I'm very excited right now, and feeling very giddy lol. I really was looking forward for this, working hard for it, I am very happy with it!`

Thank you Flonne Ninetails for the quote.

The Big Purge!

Earlier today Ultralite Soleil performed the first purge of inactive trial accounts from Tiny Empires 3000. Many players suddenly noticed they lost a few ships and subordinates. For the most part, most active players welcomed this event to cleanup the lines. The average loss from the number I gleened from some of the Guilds is about a 3.5% loss of total ships. that would probably vary greatly on smaller lines. It is possible active players may have fallen from lines, if they were under inactive trial players. I suspect that number would be small and they will easily find their way home again once the realize what occured.

Ultralite Soleil later said: "I lost about 3.6% too. But keep in mind that not all of those were removed. Some will be coming back because they were paid subordinates of deleted players."

Thank you to Ultralite Soleil for allowing the quote.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Fourth Title! - Operations Assistant?

On Kronik Lockjaw's fourth attempt to title Durk Gothly he received the above message. Now, we don't know if Durk can go to another Guild and get more, but for now, staying where he is, isn't getting him anymore titles unless he becomes big enough to be an "Operations Assistant."

I'm going to assume, Operations Assistant is like a Viceroy in Classic Tiny Empires. and while I'm assuming, lets assume there is an "Operations Manager" too, like a Grand Viceroy in classic.

Thanks to Kronik Lockjaw for the image and information.

Cross of the Guardian +20 Ships

The Cross of the Guardian denotes a third title for the recipient, also the ship reward gets bumped up to twenty ships, another five from the second title, "Order of Merit."

Durk Gothley has also received three increases in Maximum Ships, he's not near cap, so we still have no idea yet what it means exactly.

Thanks to Kronik Lockjaw for image and information.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Order of Merit +15 Ships

JDevilone Nephilim received his second title today, notice its not called "Star of Hera." Also at no additional cost to Guild Leader Anastasia Mathilde, 15 ships were awarded. On the first title only 10 are given to the recipiant. JDevilone also recived the "Increase in Maximum Ships" which he never got the first time he recieved a title.

Thank you to Anastasia Mathilde and JDevilone Nephilim for sharing this information.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Increase in Maximum Ships?

This image is thanks to BigBadaBoom Bing who noticed the odd wording when giving Mirani Cheney a Guild title. We can only speculate to what the "an increase in maximum ships" means. Personal ship limit is 3000 ships, and if a Guild Leader can boost that. how does the Guild Leader get a boost themselves? Unless the 3000 Ship limit has changed somehow? This raises many questions, hopefully the answers will be found soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

5th Guild Launches!

Congratulations BigBadaBoom Bing!

Earlier today BigBadaBoom Bing bit the billet and decided to take his line and form the 5th Guild in Tiny Empires 3000. Cosmic Paradise debuts as fifth largest Guild out of the six presently in exsitance. Cosmic Paradise is the second Guild to spawn from within the Shadow Guild.