Friday, July 10, 2009

The Big Purge!

Earlier today Ultralite Soleil performed the first purge of inactive trial accounts from Tiny Empires 3000. Many players suddenly noticed they lost a few ships and subordinates. For the most part, most active players welcomed this event to cleanup the lines. The average loss from the number I gleened from some of the Guilds is about a 3.5% loss of total ships. that would probably vary greatly on smaller lines. It is possible active players may have fallen from lines, if they were under inactive trial players. I suspect that number would be small and they will easily find their way home again once the realize what occured.

Ultralite Soleil later said: "I lost about 3.6% too. But keep in mind that not all of those were removed. Some will be coming back because they were paid subordinates of deleted players."

Thank you to Ultralite Soleil for allowing the quote.

1 comment:

  1. Ultralite Soliel is a scam artist along with those in his upper "kingdoms". It is widely known that these people in top 10 kingdoms buy character accounts. He supports a scam called Relay for life where one of his top ten kingdoms at the time took the proceeds and proceeded to pay her tier fees with it. I say buyer beware.