Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jail in Tiny Empires 3000, Not so Bad?

[Feb 3949] Galactic Puppeteer Faith Garnet was imprisoned by Guildleader Kronik Lockjaw of SpaceBall's The Guild.

[14:36] Faith Garnet: so far, my HUD is acting normal, I'm lounging on the guild's dime in prison and watching movies ... not too bad!

[14:41] Alamiga Anatine: so your saying there is still offers on the HUD?

[14:41] Faith Garnet: yep .. .buying a ship now!
[14:43] Faith Garnet: and gaining credits, as always ...

So it's either a bug, or prison in TE3K is sorta like in real life.

Thank you to Faith Garnet for allowing us to use her quotes from the Tiny Empires 3000 Chat.

This just in:
[15:39] Ultralite Soleil: That was a bug, now fixed.

Guess it's back to bread and water.

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