Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Orpheus Carter Forms Guild

Guild Leader Orpheus Carter launched "Space Order Prophecy" guild today.
Ascending from Overlords, the "Space Order Prophecy" is the 21st guild to be formed in the Tiny Empires 3000 universe.

Orpheus was unavailable for comment at this writing, but we wish him and his guild all the best.

Congratulations Orpheus Carter!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Alliance of Lyonesse Launches

June 7, 2010 at about 10:00 am SL time the Tiny Empires 3000 HUD announced the following:
[Mar 3286] Guildleader Snookums Voom formed the guild "Alliance of Lyonesse". It is the 20th Guild to be created after the Alliance of Hera started it all.

I chatted with Snookums shortly afterward to get her reaction and some words for our readers.

Alamiga Anatine: Wow, congratulations, let me know when you have time to say something for the Tiny Empires 3000 Blog readers.

Snookums Voom: sure. right now... still scared to death. and terribly excited.

I don't know why... I can get so excited over these games!

I was originally in The Shadows Guild. My entire downline, especially my direct subjects, have been very supportive, motivating, encouraging.. and excited over this new venture. This was a somewhat spur-of-the-moment decision... so we still have much to organize and develop. But we will work very diligently to become a respected guild and play this game with honor.
Congratulations Snookums Voom and Best wishes to the Alliance of Lyonesse!