Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Once you get to Director there is not too much to do except watch your credits grow for what seems an eternity, Well I heard Amaya Heart-Aeghin (ranchan.weidman) had reached it. What follows is our little chat about it:

Alamiga Anatine: Hello Amaya, I was told you reached the credit cap in Tiny Empires 3000.  Could you tell me about it for the TE3K Blog?

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: I reached that. while  I was still in Serenity.  10.4 trillion.

Alamiga Anatine: Still at the cap?

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: No. not any more. Being a Guildleader has much more in the way of expenses. And the credit return rate isn't as good s in TE regular

Alamiga Anatine: Yes several Guild leaders have said its hard to keep it up there.

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: Hadn't thought about it.  Didn't know Ihad actually reached it till the time of ascension and had mentioned it to Ultra.  The biggest cut on the guild leader is the taxes..   Being that it takes take a huge chunk. if you stay up there at the cap.

Alamiga Anatine: Wonder if taxes is higher if you have the ship reserves built up to maximun..

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: I'll find out when we get to the guild reserve up to the 10k

Alamiga Anatine: Well thanks for the information!

Amaya Heart-Aeghin: anytime :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Newly Discovered Punishment: Stripping of Medals

Yesterday at some time Guild Leader BigJohn (bigjohn.troglodite) tried the "Strip a Medal" option with Mari (marielle.itano) that came up on the Punishment screen, he made it public so we all could see the result. This was not meant as a malicious act, Mari had requested a new title and had 3 medals already.  So in order for Mari to get a new title, a medal had to be stripped away.  I asked about the process in the following interview text:

Alamiga Anatine: Hello BigJohn... Im tring to get some info on the medal stripping I heard you did last night for the TE3K Blog...
Alamiga Anatine: It was part of prison yes?
BigJohn: no it wasn't
BigJohn: I will tell you though
BigJohn: if someone has been given 3 medals by a guild, they can't get another one
BigJohn: ie
BigJohn: no titles
Alamiga Anatine: right
BigJohn: so Ultra added that
BigJohn: so I can strip a medal
BigJohn: which is why she got the medal and title afterwards
Alamiga Anatine: ok
BigJohn: it doesn't have any effect on ships
Alamiga Anatine: good
BigJohn: it's not like prison
Alamiga Anatine: so it was an option when you tried to give her a 4th medal
BigJohn: no
BigJohn: it came on the punishment screen
BigJohn: it's a 2 part process
Alamiga Anatine: ok first part was?
BigJohn: punishment
BigJohn: stripping of a medal is actually something that is good for the player
Alamiga Anatine: ok
BigJohn: but it is just a very super expensive way of titling someone
BigJohn: I was able to give ships again also
BigJohn: with the medal
Alamiga Anatine: now she wasn't at the 3500 cap?
BigJohn: no she was
BigJohn: it auto sells them
Alamiga Anatine: ok
BigJohn: he said he added it a while back
Alamiga Anatine: ah
BigJohn: it's actually a show of caring to strip a medal
BigJohn: it doesn't sound that way but
Alamiga Anatine: so did she get jail too?
BigJohn: no
BigJohn: you get 3 options now
BigJohn: jail, banish, strip a medal
Alamiga Anatine: great
BigJohn: so basically there's no negative to it
BigJohn: but it makes sense to put it in punishment
Alamiga Anatine: cept in credits
BigJohn: which was good cuz I could re title them
BigJohn: in like 4 turns
BigJohn: credits lol
BigJohn: once you top a trillion who cares
Alamiga Anatine: I got so many it isn't funny
BigJohn: but yeah, basically if you see a title stripped
BigJohn: it means that they had been titled 3 times already
BigJohn: and can't be OM
Alamiga Anatine: So with OM's you don't see that option?
BigJohn: I have no idea
BigJohn: I don't think OM's can jail
BigJohn: otherwise you get messages about OM's
Alamiga Anatine: so you have to strip a medal to give a new title in her case?
BigJohn: yes
BigJohn: no way around it
Alamiga Anatine: ok
BigJohn: otherwise you get messages about OM's
Thank you Big John for sharing this with us!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rosaria Constantine Lanches New Guild

At 4:50 pm SLT September 19th, 2011 [Jul 3647] Guildleader Rosaria Constantine formed the guild "Space Odyssey".

Chancellor Ultralite made the following official announcement:

Please join me in congratulating Rosaria Constantine, Guildleader of Space Odyssey. Her guild arose from within Styx Imperium on September 19.

Well done, Rosaria!

Chancellor Ultralite

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TE3000 Guild Change

Due to some unusual circumstances, the guild formerly known as "Styx Imperium II" has had a change of name. It is now called "Hades Revolution."

Guild name changes are not normally done. This was just a special exception to solve a problem of name confusion.

Please continue with your normal trade routes. All glory to the fine guilds of our Sector!

Chancellor Ultralite

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pegasus Ascends from Medusa's Neck

Did that title above, get your attention?

On Friday, August 12th, 2011 (March 3253 TE3K) Aderyn "Addy" Quinnell took the reigns of the Pegasus and created Tiny Empires 3000's newest Guild! Ascending from Twilight Zone she had the following words for us, from which I derived the title:

Pegasus is one of my favorite mythology stories. We were looking at different constellations and this one just fit. He rose up out of Medusa's neck when she was beheaded. He was the carrier of Zeus' thunderbolts... More aptly put, he was born out of Medusa's severed neck... Given more time, I could probably tell that better I'm sure LOL ( )

Thanks to Snookums for being a good mentor. Thanks to Tremor for giving me the confidence in myself and proving I could do this and thanks for all the support of my guild. I have the most amazing downline. They've been behind me and supported me 100% Oh... and special thanks to Twilight Zone for their hospitality while I waited to guild.
Congratulations to Addy and we wish Pegasus a bright future!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ranchan Weidman Launches Guardian Angels

Early on July 2, 2011, Ranchan Weidman takes the call to form Tiny Empires 3000's newest Guild, Guardian Angels. Ascending from Serenity, with the blessings of all there. I contacted her later and what follows is the impromptu interview:
Alamiga Anatine: Congratulations on the Guild!

Ranchan Weidman: Thankies.

Alamiga Anatine: I know you ascended from Serenity, today sometime...

Ranchan Weidman: This morning SLT.

Alamiga Anatine: Would you have a quote I could use, like what the Guild stands for, thanks to folks etc?

Ranchan Weidman: I haven't prepared a proper motto yet, but Guardian Angels is a friendly place.

Alamiga Anatine: I assume you expected to be a minor Guild?

Ranchan Weidman: Yes.

Ranchan Weidman: It's one one the things that I'd expected... and discussed with Flonne before I went under Flonne's partner in Serenity

Alamiga Anatine: Many have ascended to just retire from the game, doesn't sound like that's your plan.

Ranchan Weidman: Nope, I do plan to keep going and build to out of the minors.

Alamiga Anatine: Wonderful, that's good to hear!

Ranchan Weidman: Thanks. Being queen in TE and Guild Leader now, in TE3K I do plan to keep helping to build the guild.

Alamiga Anatine: Myself I find growth in TE3K extremely slow in comparison to Classic. Do you find it the same?

Ranchan Weidman: There is a big difference in the two games. as far as growth. Most of the time, , from my observation, new players are usually introduced to the "Vanilla" version of TE ( as my partner calls it ) before they are tossed into the TE3K version

Alamiga Anatine: Maybe I need to be tossing players around too! But I find new people either choose one or the other, not seen many take on both initially.

Ranchan Weidman: Right, doing both from the get go is rather a challenge, unless someone is really bored or pays attention. definitely a way to learn how to multi-task. A thing to remember about 3k is that things happen, even if they take time.

Alamiga Anatine: Mhmm, yes they do... Anyone you would care to send thanks to at this time?

Ranchan Weidman: All the folks that have made this possible. Which includes Guardian Angels Guild members, members from Serenity, specifically Guild Leader and SL sister, Flonne, her partner Skyelynne and Serenna.

Thank You Ranchan for your time and again, Congratulations!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lasch Avro Ascends Into Retirement

Lasch Avro ascending today from Styx Imperium II and formed a new guild called "Intimate Confessions."
After the guild formed, all lines returned to Styx II and Lasch into a self imposed retirement from Tiny Empires 3000.

Toohey Paneer had the following words to add:
Lasch's ascension as Guild Leader see's her going into retirement in Tiny Empires 3000 as she did in Tiny Empires Classic. Her work in TE and T3K was honorable and was a huge help immediately after I personally Ascended. Many like her and love her and we, as a Guild, wish her all the best in her future in Second Life.
Congratulations Lasch on your retirement!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cornholio Lilliehook Becomes Latest Guild Leader

Ascending from the Federation Guild on May 8th, 2011, Cornholio Lilliehook forms the newest guild in Tiny Empires 3000. The Guild is named "Helion Prime" and came to be in TE3K Year: June 3736.

Congratulations Cornholio and best of Luck with Helion Prime!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Borg Capalini forms The Collective

After a long dry spell of no new guild launches, Borg Capalini launches TE3000's newest Guild.

"The Collective". Created out of the Shadow Guild on the 1st of May 2011 in April 3478 in game time.

Congratulations Borg!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Styx Imperium II Launches into the Fray!

Ascending from Styx Imperium at about 3pm January 14, 2011, Guild Leader Toohey Paneer takes control of "Styx Imperium II." Styx Imperium II becomes the 26th guild to enter the TE3K Universe. Toohey had the following quote for us:
Styx Imperium II was formed based upon a set of values put in place by Bratt Lunasea. He has formally handed over the reins of his Guild to myself and I intend honour the values instilled by Bratt in Styx. I wish to thank Bratt for all his help, guidance and support over the last 6 months in building up to this moment. Styx Imperium intends to be Guild of the people. Where people come first, a healthy happy Guild.

Also within this new Guilding, an alliance has been formed between The Rebellion and Styx Imperium II. This great new relationship will flurish and be an asset for both Guilds.

GL Toohey Paneer, Styx Imperium II
Although Bratt retired from TE3K, he still remains in power and is giving his total focus of his kingdom in TE Classic. As many of you may not know, there is nothing similar to abdication currently available in TE3K. So once a Guild Leader, always a Guild Leader.

Congratulations to Toohey Paneer and Styx Imperium II!