Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ranchan Weidman Launches Guardian Angels

Early on July 2, 2011, Ranchan Weidman takes the call to form Tiny Empires 3000's newest Guild, Guardian Angels. Ascending from Serenity, with the blessings of all there. I contacted her later and what follows is the impromptu interview:
Alamiga Anatine: Congratulations on the Guild!

Ranchan Weidman: Thankies.

Alamiga Anatine: I know you ascended from Serenity, today sometime...

Ranchan Weidman: This morning SLT.

Alamiga Anatine: Would you have a quote I could use, like what the Guild stands for, thanks to folks etc?

Ranchan Weidman: I haven't prepared a proper motto yet, but Guardian Angels is a friendly place.

Alamiga Anatine: I assume you expected to be a minor Guild?

Ranchan Weidman: Yes.

Ranchan Weidman: It's one one the things that I'd expected... and discussed with Flonne before I went under Flonne's partner in Serenity

Alamiga Anatine: Many have ascended to just retire from the game, doesn't sound like that's your plan.

Ranchan Weidman: Nope, I do plan to keep going and build to out of the minors.

Alamiga Anatine: Wonderful, that's good to hear!

Ranchan Weidman: Thanks. Being queen in TE and Guild Leader now, in TE3K I do plan to keep helping to build the guild.

Alamiga Anatine: Myself I find growth in TE3K extremely slow in comparison to Classic. Do you find it the same?

Ranchan Weidman: There is a big difference in the two games. as far as growth. Most of the time, , from my observation, new players are usually introduced to the "Vanilla" version of TE ( as my partner calls it ) before they are tossed into the TE3K version

Alamiga Anatine: Maybe I need to be tossing players around too! But I find new people either choose one or the other, not seen many take on both initially.

Ranchan Weidman: Right, doing both from the get go is rather a challenge, unless someone is really bored or pays attention. definitely a way to learn how to multi-task. A thing to remember about 3k is that things happen, even if they take time.

Alamiga Anatine: Mhmm, yes they do... Anyone you would care to send thanks to at this time?

Ranchan Weidman: All the folks that have made this possible. Which includes Guardian Angels Guild members, members from Serenity, specifically Guild Leader and SL sister, Flonne, her partner Skyelynne and Serenna.

Thank You Ranchan for your time and again, Congratulations!

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