Sunday, January 22, 2012

There's RED TAPE Everywhere!

Very recently there has been reports of mysterious RED TAPE appearing all over the TE3K Universe!  When you  buy or sell a ship you get one, five from the Mysterious Black Diamond Vessel. It's looking like from almost any activity at this time!  What is it for?  No one knows yet...  Below is the one I got for buying a ship, and how it appears in your accounting tab.

Incoming Finds:
Nathalie Schnute: I just got 5 RED TAPES for doing the call of leadership, Step 2. That's the one with the hydro farm cultures. And I got the colonists increase as given in former times too. Cost for that step is 400000000. But 5 red tapes is amazing.

Have your own theory or know something we don't yet?  Got RED TAPES from some odd place? Please Leave a comment, or IM Alamiga Anatine in Second Life, if you think it warrants a new post!

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