Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rank Limits & Sabotage Reimbursement

Verbatim announcement from Ultralite Soleil:
Greetings all,

I would like to inform you of some changes in Tiny Empires 3000.

1. Rank Limits
Superior/subordinate rank limits for the entry-level ranks have been changed to be less restrictive. For example, a Pilot can now become the subordinate of a Mogul or below. Formerly, the highest superior a Pilot could have was a Merchant. Other limits on rank differences between superiors and subordinates have been similarly relaxed. The goal is to make it easier for higher-ranked players to take on new players. I welcome your feedback on this change.

2. Sabotage Reimbursement
Operations Assistants and Operations Managers have a new power. In guilds with fleet reserves in excess of 2,000 ships, OAs and OMs may now choose to reimburse members of their downlines for ships lost due to sabotage. The ships will be taken from the guild's reserve and given to the sabotage victim. Guilds with very large reserves will be able to reimburse sabotaged ships at a discount (full reimbursement of ships to the victim, but only taking half the normal ships from the reserve).

In order to be eligible to reimburse a sabotage victim, the OA or OM must be at the top of the victim's downline, and must be online. Direct subordinates of the guildleader as well as the guildleader him/herself cannot be reimbursed for sabotaged ships. All reimbursements will show up on the guildleader's "While you were away" history at login.

If you have any questions or feedback on the above changes, please do not hestitate to contact me. Enjoy.

Chancellor Ultralite Soleil

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