Sunday, May 24, 2009

The 11th DIrector!

Congratulations to Buckaroo Mu!

Buckaroo Mu had to wait for ages for the final Comm Unit and the final stage. Then that long wait ended at 11:27 pm May 24th 2009 (July 3926) to become the 11th Director.

This will be the last Congratulations for new Directors. We had planned to stop at 10, but I felt I should announce this one and say we wont be doing anymore new Director announcements officially. Next we await the Guild Leaders to arise and we hope to acknowledge the first 10.

Congratulations to all future Directors!


  1. And besides, with Johnii's retirement, that leaves us with only ten active directors, anyway :)

    But I have to add, very good work, Buckaroo, and congratulations from me as well!

  2. Did I just see the first new Guild established? (approx 2150 SLT, 6/1/09; Jan 3232)