Saturday, March 14, 2009

Call of Leadership

It seems that Tiny Empires 3000, like it's classic counterpart has a path to complete to the highest level. How far and what the path consists of is yet to be discovered. Also the question remains, once there will you be able to stay there? Like so many minor Kingdoms in the original Tiny Empires, or be forced back down the ladder of command from Guild Leader to Director, Captain...


  1. Ohh, great find! And this is interesting for another reason as well. The rank structure that is hinted at points to a 'Director' rank above 'Captain'... but the call to leadership apparently starts before one reaches that highest level!

    Could one get their own guild without ever reaching the rank of Director? Is the structure we're guessing at wrong, somehow? Or do you start it as Captain and it's so long and expensive that it keeps going through your time as a Director, too?

    Interesting, indeed.

  2. Or do you execute the Call to Leadership as a Captain and then add something else in the move from Director to Guild Leader?

    Lots of possibilities. And just how many ships will a Guild Leader need . . .