Sunday, March 29, 2009


You know your a Nonconformist when.... [insert Jeff Foxworthy type joke]

Apparently later in the game, when you need to build a Flagship, you have to prove to the workers building it that your not just another sheep. So it's thought that voting opposite the majority will get you the reputation you need to get your Flagship built.

Now, if everyone starts being a Nonconformist, they'll end up being Conformists and no one will get their Flagships built. But we'll get our Unity Money... maybe.


  1. Sounds like just another stereotypical nonconformist to me.

    Of course, only Captains, or those about to be, actually NEED to do that. Which makes me wonder why everyone else is trying to?

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  3. Only captains with 25,000 ships need this. By the time most people have 25,000 ships getting non-conformist could be really simple.

    keep in mind also that the Director rank seems to be a quest of multiple parts. We have been getting items we store such as zero-g beds, yellow disks, vr rigs and minerals from mining. All of these may play a part in that quest also.

  4. Or in the later call to leadership. I've also had reports of mines actually producing something besides just credits... hopefully more on that in the near future.