Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colonies, Part Two

Last time, in Part One, we discussed colonies. They cost a lot, but they're also money-makers. (And, as mentioned later, perhaps the only real source of income some high ranking players have.) But what do they do, exactly? Here are some more things we now know about colonies:

  • Whenever you buy a colony, your fleet efficiency increases by one hundred credits per ship

  • You can only have up to three colonies at one time. If you buy more, the current smallest one is replaced with your new purchase. It's not really a 'new' colony as much as it is an 'upgrade'.

  • Colonies have disasters, which you handle in much the same way in the new game as in the old game. Warning: each colony will have its own set of disasters, so you can have up to three sources of disasters at one time!

  • When colonists in one colony reach one hundred percent, they start moving out into your other colonies. (No word yet on what happens when all three colonies are full... time to buy a bigger one, then!)

  • When you upgrade a colony, all of the colonists in the old one that you get rid of are distributed evenly among the new set of three.

  • No word yet on how someone can deliberately transfer colonists between colonies. It may not be possible, but hopefully it is, somehow!

  • It is possible to trade colonists between allies. No details on this yet, though.

  • Just like the old game, you get so much per colonist in the census. The amount is per colonist, no matter where that colonist is at, so, say, a 6,000 citizen colony earns you exactly double a 3,000 citizen colony (assuming both are full).

  • There are three types of colonies, each with its own additional benefit, as outlined below

  • The class of colony that you are offered depends on your rank (fleet size), not the amount of credits you have on hand.

  • Whether or not you can buy a colony depends on personal fleet size and rank. The higher the rank, the larger your personal fleet size must be.


To get a colony, your personal fleet must be at least this size for this rank...

Trade Baron25


There are three things your colonists can specialize in, each giving you, the colony owner, a different benefit.


These colonies start out as small asteriods, but go to moon size, and eventually planet size. Their name usually tells you what sort of mineral or element is going to be mined, e.g. "Magnesium Asteriod" or "Plutonic Moon" Mining gives you credits now and then, similar to a windfall.


These colonies are man-made structures in space, starting with a small "Orbital Laboratory" to the large "colony Spaceship" or "Starbase". These colonies cut your research costs. As in the old game, you can research a disaster to make it cheaper. This will cut the cost of that research for you.


Yes, these colonists specialize in the fine art of living and enjoying it. To do so, they live on more hospitable worlds-- at least a "terrestiral Planetoid", up to a "Telluric Planet". As such, they have a better lifestyle, and by giving them this, you earn more in the census. In other words, the amount you get per colonist in each census goes up.

So, which is best for you? Should you specialize? You don't have to, each class has one of all three types, and you can have up to three colonies... so get all three, if you like!

And that is your basic guide to colonies. More advanced guides should come, when more advanced information becomes available! If anyone has any juicy tidbits not posted above, feel free to drop it in the comments below, or send me an IM in world!


  1. re: "When colonists in one colony reach one hundred percent, they start moving out into your other colonies. (No word yet on what happens when all three colonies are full... time to buy a bigger one, then!)"

    I suppose the fact that I have only one colony at the moment just became useful: It's been at over 100% colonists all day, and they have not been wiped away. So - I think we can reasonably hypothesize that once all colonies are at 100% they'll just start to accumulate, much in the same way Classic TE handles it? Can 5000% population be attainable?

  2. The thing people fail to notice on the way up, is what I refer to as the Iron Fist Strategy. Since there is a constant barrage of colonists coming in, go with the option that kills the most colonists. I ran this with an alt to see what would happen, and he's sitting at 3 cheap colonies (the really cheap ones) and I just constantly kill off colonists for money, via the "write off colonists" or the "make a deal with pirates" or "meet with corrupt officials." He gained credits like crazy. Every disaster, bam payday.

    Yeah it sounds nuts, but buying 3 colonies early on and just continuously destroying the colonists has netted an insane amount. And since research ect is based on ship price not colony size, you can just keep killing 20 colonists for 2,000,000 credits or w/e every time it comes up.

    Is it ethical? who cares. I was among the people who never had a colony offer they could buy until they were into the 400 million range so I decided to see what I could do in other ways. And the 2 alts I've ran, one doing taking care of their colony and one as a mass murderer....guess which one has 20% more ships? Yup. Crime pays in 3k.