Friday, March 20, 2009

Call of Leadership, Part Two

More information emerges about the Call to Leadership, seen earlier on a Captain's hud. It seems that the Call is not to Guild Leadership, but to the rank of Director. Here are the messages that start it off:

(First, you need enough ships, as noted previously. Then...)

"Your guild leader informs you of some good news and some bad. The good news is that your fleet is large enough to become a Director of the guild. However, you cannot be promoted without having built a flagship for your fleet."

Next comes something strongly resembling a risk and reward message:

"A well-dressed traveler at a way station introduces herself as a shipwright, and offers to build you a new spaceship at no cost, to improve her portfolio. She needs to borrow one of your ships to copy. Take the risk?"

Assuming you do, you gain a ship, and then:

"The shipwright notices your guild rank, and pauses for a moment. "Are you looking for a flagship designer? If so, I'm your woman. I'll only charge 500,000,000cr" Hire her?"

So, the path starts with another five hundred million credits. The whole Path to Royalty in the old game only costs roughly 400 million gold. There's quite a lot of inflation between A.D. 1100 and A.D. 3100.

This begs a few more questions:

If you have to follow this path to get to director, is there another path to Guild Leader? Or is it the same path? It's surely possible to have another guild, at least that's what was hinted at/stated in the documentation that came with the game. But... only one knows how at this stage. And what does this do to our rough calculations about fleet size for Directors and Guild Leaders? With a path being a qualifier, how much greater would it demand for total fleet size? (Hopefully not twenty times greater, as the old Path to Royalty does for a Prince. That would mean two hundred thousand to make it to Director... and then what to Guild Leader???)

The only thing that this answers for sure is that it's very unlikely anyone is a Director yet. If the Path takes more than a few steps, there's not been enough time for anyone to complete it yet.

Stay tuned for further developments...

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