Friday, March 13, 2009

TE Hud Arrangement

So, for those of us who are playing both TE games (which I suspect includes most TE3K players), how do you handle two huds? Here is how I do it:

The new hud unrolls down over the top of the old one. This way I lose a relative minimum of screen space, and can unroll whichever one I need to work with at the time. Granted, unrolling both at once (while possible) doesn't work too well, but that's not proved a problem so far.

If anyone else has a better arrangement, let us know!


  1. This is where I love my iMac with the wide screen; I have enough screen real estate to keep one HUD open on each side and still have a good view. Your solution is a really good idea for a smaller screen.


  2. Yeah, as the screenshot of the two huds shows, the timing seems to have been deliberately staggered, so that a new turn for each hud occurs halfway through the turn of the other hud, so no real need to have both fully displayed at the same time.

  3. Of course, another reason to keep them staggered, assuming they're on the same server- it helps even out server load!

  4. I stack my huds- classic above 3k on the left side of my widescreen. At first it bugged me to have the grey chat w/ white letters over top of my hud, but I've minimized that by going into preferences>>text chat and changing the chat console to fade after 2 seconds (the minimum) and only displaying 1 line of text. Seems to work for me.

  5. I have one on the right side of my screen and one on the left. It works just fine for me