Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Call of Leadership, Part Three

You're a Captain, you had enough total ships, you hit 450 Personal Ships and the Path to your own Guild begins... How many ships to the next step? Someone suggested every 50 ships. I'm thinking it will be a progressively higher amount of ships for each step.


  1. "You're" a Captain. "You are". Not "Your". Sorry, my 2nd biggest grammar pet peeve.

  2. Those that publically correct, should not mind then, to be publically corrected... and of course, the grammar employed is absolutely correct, perfectly flawless, never a period out of place... for example the period external to the double quotes... or the incorrect spelling of the "Your" at the second stage... However, public corrections are humilations, would you not agree? I do not often undertake to publically correct grammar or spelling as I find myself, that I am not perfect, and abound in error.

  3. No need to worry about it too much, Baeric :) This is an interesting question, though... how many ships. One thing to note is that you need at least 300 ships to get colony offers at Captain. Another thing to note is that the cost of ships drops drastically- my estimate is that the multiplier goes from 250 to 100, which means that when a Captain buys ship number 300, s/he is paying the same price that a Mogul would pay for ship number 190.