Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miscellaneous facts

As if things weren't miscellaneous enough...

  • It costs 10,000 credits for a Runner to switch alliegance, and 20,000 credits for a Courier to switch. Exact ship amounts don't change that, so the amount seems to depend on rank.*** See note below, this is likely not correct

  • It seems easier to earn credits, but there are also more expensive things to spend them on than ships.

  • One new feature is Risk and Reward. It seems to be profitable more often than not, but there are no guarantees.

  • Rank differences in joining... a Pilot can join a Merchant, but a Runner can not join a Trade Baron. A Courier can. This means the rank difference in joining is one to three, as in the traditional game.

More random thoughts from a mind too fatigued with late nights will no doubt follow. Oh, one important one...

Are you interested in writing for the blog? Think you have creative ideas, and information everyone would be interested in? IM me, Vulpine Eldrich, in world. No guarantees, but it's feeling a little lonely in here right now...


  1. Thank you for starting this. If I get around to writing something blogworthy I might ask to be added as a contributor. Right now I am juggling enough eggs in variable gravity.


  2. I have to comment on the statement that number of ships affects transfer cost. I was a merchant with 74 ships (I think it was 74) when I tried to transfer into another line. I got a price of 584k cr give or take. Not having that many credits at that time, I did nothing and on the next turn I got a price of 600k. When I looked at my total ships I saw that one of my down line had bought a ship which raised my transfer rate.

    So, total number of ships does affect cost to transfer.

    Idris Georgia