Friday, March 13, 2009

Colonies, Part One

"Hideously Expensive"

"Probably the biggest source of income you'll ever have"

"The same as the Federation HUD"

What are they talking about? The thing that was probably a question mark in most peoples' minds from the first time they read their new TE3000 hud: colonies!

You will be offered a colony if your rank is high enough and you have enough personal ships. The exact amount of personal ships required varies with rank. 25 ships is enough for a Trader or Trade Baron, perhaps, but more is needed for a Broker. I'm told that 80 personal ships will qualify at any point.

The basic concept of a colony is that you invest in it (lots and lots of credits!) It produces income, but also has disasters that you have to pay to stop or research, etc...

Anyone familiar with the old Fed Hud from the traditional Tiny Empires knows the routine. I'll not go into it further, mostly because I'm still trying to get hard numbers on it myself! However, for reference, I'm starting this post as Part 1... a list of your options. This list will be edited as I get more information- feel free to post the offers you have seen in the comments below, or IM or Notecard to me in world!

ClassNameColonist CapacityCost
1Terrestrial Planetoid
Mining asteroid
Orbital Laboratory
2Advanced Orbital Laboratory
Medium Planetoid
Large Mining asteroid
3Iron-Rich Asteroid
Orbital Vehicle
Small Icy Moon
4Carbonaceous Asteroid
Icy Moon
Orbital Spacedock
5Orbital Base
Volcanic Moon
Silicate Asteroid
6Large Volcanic Moon
Magnesium Asteroid
Advanced Orbital Base
7Rocky Moon
Binary Iron Asteroid
Colony Spaceship
8Advanced Colony Spaceship
Plutonic Moon
Iron Asteroid Field
9Iron-Nickel Moon
Colony Starship
Volcanic Dwarf Planet
10Small Volcanic Planet
Advanced Colony Starship
Selenic Planet
Xenolith Planet
Waterworld Planet
12Advanced Starbase
Telluric Planet
Yttric Planet
13Artificial Moon
Diamond-core gas giant
Blue-Green planet
14Terraformed Binary Planet
Interstellar Asteroid Belt
Synthetic World
15Terraformed Star System
Ore-Rich Star System
Dyson Sphere


  1. My, you've been busy. I'm curious if the colony types have different impacts on your development. For instance, when I bought my orbital laboratory the next turn I got two screens stating that my fleet efficiency had improved by 100 cr/ship/month and that my cost to respond to disasters would be reduced. I'm looking forward to more colonies.


  2. Me, too, and I'm still gathering information on that- anything about what happens AFTER you buy one appreciated... lol

    (I haven't managed to actually buy one yet!)

  3. On Level 5, the option you are missing is the Silicate Asteroid. I took the Volcanic Moon instead, but I just saw that set of options.

  4. asteroids are mining facilities and generate mining income every so often, and im on my 3rd coloney now, and got the 100 cred/ship/month bonus on ever one, and after you buy your 3 colonies you can stil get more, but the larger one takes the place of the smaller ones

  5. On class 9, the price is listed as 225mil less than the class 8 at 242mil. Is this a typo?
    Also new update on doing Disease Research, once completed after 20x research, you get 200cr/ship increase and prevent further disease in the future.

  6. Kylie, it wasn't a typo, those were actual prices- however, they HAVE changed.

    Also, prices at the upper end seem to be changing a bit, I'm not sure exactly what is happening there- do they change, dependent on rank? It's possible.

    Thanks for the update on research, the word I get is that they all do the same thing.

  7. Thanks to Steve Fallingbridge and BigBadaBoom Bing for the latest updates on the last two classes of colonies. Steve is maintaining his own version of this list at his site