Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nonconformist, Part Two

The quest of the high ranking captains to prove themselves as non-conformists by voting against the majority continues. The word on the street (or blog) was that it would require ten times to convince the citizens of that system to let you build your flagship. It turns out that was a guess... and one Captain has already achieved 10 contrarian votes with no noticeable results. Now the guess says 20 are needed.

In the meantime, unity remains elusive. If you try to fail and succeed, have you failed? 69 percent said no, so we failed to succeed at unity.

How many times does it take? Is it all an elusive hunt? Who knows, but we shall find out... stay tuned!


  1. The trend on the unity votes seems to be voting No, except for the Orwell question which tends to run close to 2:1 Yes. I will be advising my company to vote this way and hope others do the same.

  2. My guess is that non-conformist is like any other research and you'll need to get it 20 times. Course that's just my own guess.

    If you look at what was already built into TE and what we know about TE3K I think my guess is a pretty good one.