Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mysteries solved, but the Quest continues

Well, a couple of speculations have been solved, and further news is revealed on the Quest to become a Director.

When we last left off on the Director's story, a base was needed to build the flagship, but it couldn't be done because the people that were needed to do it were non-conformists, so twenty non-conformist votes were needed to gain their support.

Now, there are Captains that have done that, and as the story continues, we find that the next step is to get hull material, which happens to be Enectrium produced by mining colonies. After you gather ten thousand kilotons of enectrium, you have the hull.

The next step is to get power for the flagship's engines. They can't use normal plasma. This fuel has to be purified Solienium from the Mysterious Vessel.

Next comes furnishings: VR rigs, Comm Units, and Zero-g beds. The only place you can get them is to find them as salvage on ships you buy.

No word on what will happen after that. One interesting thing about this is that these restrictions are based on chance- and not always just a one time chance (Mysterious Vessel, one time gift of purified solienium) but multiple chances (salvage found on ships, enectrium from the mines), so the would-be Director often has to sit and wait, perhaps buying ships or the like, to try and get the chance to continue.

It all adds up to one thing: time. Time spent playing, and lots of it. This one isn't going to be fast. Glacial, perhaps. After seeing the Chancellor remark in open chat about "IF new guilds happen...", there's probably more than one aspiring Director beginning to wonder if it's worth it, or if they really have a chance.

But, as the trite saying goes, time will tell...


  1. Well then, the Black Diamond Vessel is a rare thing to catch. In the 40 days the game has been on I've only managed to catch it 3 or 4 times, and I'm quite often hitting the fatigue level myself if that's any indication of how long I'm online. Maybe more frequent BDV visits could expedite the process. It's sort of like getting the book, key and translation in the old game. That took me months to get.

  2. Yes, I'm getting much the same feeling... except, multiply that several times over. It's beginning to feel like one of those ten or thirteen book series, or maybe a soap opera.