Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mining profits and Entities

So, today I bought a mining colony, and this is one of the messages that greeted me:

"Certain entities"? That phrase sounds familiar... and interested in ores? I wonder...

Could these dots be connected? Possibly. From Captain BigJohn Troglodyte, I have this:

So far, my colony has produced only credits. But if it ever does for me what is shown here... and I have those ores on hand when the Mysterious Vessel comes... I could just give that entity the ores and not pay to buy them first, right?

In other words, could one of the side benefits to mining colonies, under certain circumstances, be in effect "free" Mysterious Vessel benefits?

Something to think about, and if anyone has more definite information, feel free to let us all know... in fact, please let the rest of us know!

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  1. The enectrium only comes from the captain level mining stations as far as we can tell. Since part of the director subquest requires a high level orbital station, the assumption is that we will need enectrium to construct the flagship and probably something from a terrestrial colony as well. There is a general thought that a mining colony will lower MV cost but there hasn't been substantial basis for it to back it up.