Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Most Mysterious Material

So as the fleet continues to grow, and you continue to get options to upgrade your fleet's efficiency, you eventually get this:

Amazing stuff! The next upgrade tells you more about this fascinating liquid:

Expensive is right! The last two upgrades to your fleet also involve this substance. And they're even more expensive. Now, if this were all, it could be dismissed as an oddity- some sort of fluke that the last four fleet upgrades all involve this wonderful metallic liquid known as 'Solienium', whatever that is supposed to mean.

But there's more. Buckaroo Mu made a deal with the mysterious vessel, and the message he received was as follows:

"You match velocities with the mysterious vessel. Your minerals vanish, to be replaced by.... nothing? Wait. Searching again, you find a liquid metallic sphere encased in a carbon shell. This must be purified Soleinium."

What? the material that provides ultimate armor plating, that is super-efficient fuel, that will in the end replace all of the circuits in your ships and give them "jump drive" capability... wasn't even purified? THIS prize from the Mysterious Vessel is the 'purified' stuff? What sort of possibilities lie ahead for it?

Who knows... stay tuned.

(oh, and one more note... Solienium? What an odd name. What was Ultralite Soliel thinking of when he created that, anyway??)

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  1. Solienium? Sounds like the perfect stuff for Bethany's engagement ring, if and when. :)