Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Changes, Part Two

It didn't take long for "some changes" to make their appearance:

Clicking "yes" gives you:

So what is this all about? Clue one is that it gives you a current count, so this isn't some black hole with no limit: the count is important. The next clue comes from the Guild Leader, who got this message:

So we have both carrot and stick. On the one hand, there are "future risks" that you need to prepare for. But you could also "receive certain benefits". How long will it take for a guild to get that reserve fleet? My personal estimate is two to three weeks, but we shall see.

In the meantime, we now have something for potential new Guild Leaders to consider. The old game saw "major" and "minor" kingdoms. It's likely the new system will as well, but now we have another difference: guilds with or without the advantages and protection of a reserve fleet. Any new guild starts out without one... how much of a disadvantage will it be?

Only time will tell... stay tuned!


  1. Haven't see this in Hera...
    Guess we're exempt :)

  2. I think it may take more like a year for the reserve to build up . . hehehe