Monday, June 22, 2009

Coming to a HUD Near You!

In case your curious, here is what you will see if your Guild Leader decides to award you a medal, and title you. For most, will get the choice of choosing their title, that is up to the discretion of the Guild Leader. Tiles must be no longer than 20 characters long (including spaces, hyphens and apostrophes, no other special characters will be allowed). Now the order is different from Classic Tiny Empires, where you got title first, then and 5 acres, In Tiny Empires 3000, the ships are awarded first, then the title.Hmmm, Star of Hera, from the Shadow Guild? Apprently Ultra is concidering making the medal names something Guildleaders can chose. Which should add a little varity to the game, if in fact that comes to be.
Oh look 10 ships were awarded! Now I assume, like in classic, if anyone were to re-title you once you got your 10 ships, that any Guild Leader thereafter might have to pay a shipload of extra credits the second time the option to award you 10 ships comes along. No matter what Guild Leader you happen to be under.

Now lets say that you want to be the one to give away ships and metals, a Guild Leader. First get 2000 personal ships and 100,000 total ships. At 1500 ships you can choose your Guild's name and it will be pre-approved and reserved for you. I didn't say it was going to be easy, especially now that new players joining has settled down to a trickle compared to the first days. So these two screens below are the final steps, the Guild name has been chosen, again like titles, following the 20 character limits of naming.
Only a little more than 120 billion, looks like a deal to me. I'm going to assumes this figure is based on total ships since its not rounded to the nearest billion. Notice the YES/NO are not highlighted. Guess this lucky person is still a bit short on credits.

Thank you to BigBadaBoom Bing for the interesting screen shots.

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