Thursday, June 4, 2009

Custom titles, Part 2

Speculation regarding custom titles has been confirmed!

As suspected, the new GuildLeader can give out custom titles AND ships, so it looks as if the monarch abilities of the original game have come across largely intact. The ultrabot, Aristotle Landry, has apparently not chosen to use those abilities yet. Will he, now that he has competition? Time will tell!

(p.s. and congratulations to The Reverend Doctor Buckaroo Mu!)


  1. He was awarded the "Star of Hera?" Notice he's not in Hera anymore.

  2. I noticed that as well. Apparently the text is the same no matter which guild you're in... maybe that will change later.

  3. Apparently, Ultra said the Star of Hera is for everyone right now, but one day Guild Leaders will be able to name their own medals of honor.