Monday, September 17, 2012

From the Shadows Emerges Tunaverse Immortalis!

September 16th, 2012 the Tunaverse Immortalis Guild is formed by Guild Leader The Wizard of Odd (tuna.oddfellow).  "I ascended from Shadow Guild at August 3019," he said from his tuna can... err Starbase.
Tuna had this to say on his ascension:
"It has been a true delight spending the time I have had with Shadow Guild.  Now it is time to spread our wings.   I am so proud of the commitment of those who are joining us.  This is our ascension and they share in the success. I could not do it with out them.
Long live Tunaverse Immortalis"
Tuna also claims to be somewhat famous:
"My avatar won Avatars Got Talent in 2007 and appeared on America's Got Talent on NBC and I won a million Linden dollars which was the largest prize in Second Life back in the day...  My life is stranger than fiction.
Million SL Dollars... think that's about $1000 US.... Probably wrong, math is my weakness.

Congratulations to Guild Leader Tuna Oddfellow and his new Guild,  Tunaverse Immortalis!


  1. Apparently 1 Million Lindens is close to $4000 US..

  2. That can buy a whole log of TE3K HUDs.

    Thank you!

  3. > time to spread our wings

    *pshaw* Tuna are not flying fish.

    grats, sweetie! :)

  4. 3,846 dollars, assuming 260L per US dollar-- but the rate has varied over time, so unless someone has the historical data to know exactly what it was at the time he earned it, we can only guess at the exact amount.

    Still, a great record, and another interesting chapter-- congratulations and good luck on the new Guild!