Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ship Capacities, Metals and Jumping to Another Guild

An issue concerning what happens to your gained ship capacities, titles and metals when you leave one Guild and join another came to light. Ultra responded kindly in the TE Directors Chat last night with the following to clarify.
Ultralite Soleil: Ship capacity is now totally separate from which guild you are in. If you leave a guild, your titles and medals do not come with you, but your increased ship capacity does. However, little known fact: if you return to the guild, your medal(s) automatically return to you (but not the title.) You cannot change title after third medal within one guild. If you change to a new guild you can get a new set of three medals. Of course the ship capacity does not get increased repeatedly. Essentially ship capacity is taken from the highest medal you've received in ANY guild. There is (currently) no inherent value of medals, except for bragging rights --- BUT, the level of medal received in a guild determines eligibility for further medals, ship endowments, and capacity increases (unless already maxed via a different guildleader)
Thank you Ultra for allowing me to quote your response.

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  1. What are the ship caps??? Has anyone hit them?